Vertical Screen and Pivot Arm Awnings

Turner Bros. supply and install customised high quality, external vertical screen and drop arm awnings for residential and commercial applications. 
A range of products are available. Contact Turner Bros to arrange an appoitment to discuss your specific project.

Vertical Screens
These vertical shading systems block solar rays on windows, reducing internal heat gain. 
The vertical screen consist of 2 retractable designs.
1 An extruded aluminium headbox with internal guide rails. 
2 An extruded aluminium headbox with tensioned stainless steel side cables.
Features and benefits:

  • Linked systems can be designed and installed for larger areas, up to 20 metres wide.
  • The system is supplied as manual or motorised, dependent on size required. 

  • A selection of powder coated colours
  • Range of fabric types and colours are available to complement the architecture.

​A wide guide channel vertical screen is wind resistant ensuring protection from internal heat gain during windy conditions.

Pivot Arm Awnings

A Pivot Arm Awning projects from the building facade. The arms are stretched by the spring system to a inclination of up to 155° giving stability in windy conditions.
Features and benefits include:

  • It is constructed from high quality extruded aluminium with a cassette to protect fabric.
  • A single unit can be up to 5 metres wide with projections of 0.8 metres to 1.5 metres depending on the width and type of fabric.
  • The system is supplied as manual or motorised.
  • A range of powder coated colours and a variety of fabrics provide design flexibility.

​Where a cassette pivot arm is not required, for example installation under eaves, other systems are available. 

For more information or an appointment email Turner Bros.

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