Conservatory and Pergola Awnings

Conservatory and Pergola awnings are mounted above fixed structures to provide shade and reduce heat gain.
There are two types of conservatory awnings:
1 Motorised heavy duty conservatory awning with corner wrap function
2 Manual or motorised awning for glass roofed pergolas 

The motorised heavy duty conservatory awning
A highly versatile and robust awning that runs in sturdy aluminium guide tracks designed for durability and a maintenance free operation.
Features and benefits:

  • The front bar is driven by powerful tie rods with guide pulleys made from high strength synthetic resin.
  • The guided motion prevents the front bar from getting jammed or snapping out of the guide rails, ensuring a safe operation.
  • The roller bar has two heavy-duty spring units that are increasingly loaded while the awning extends so that the cover is always being kept under stress, ensuring it rolls in and out smoothly.
  • The design allows for a variable 'steer around' function to enable the awning to turn corners of up to 90 degrees.
  • Awnings can extend to 6.5 metres wide and 6.5 metres in projection (limited to a total of 39 metres2) with coupled units extending up to 24 metres wide to a total of 120 metres2. 
  • All awnings are motorised and powder coated to colour choice.

The manual or motorised pergola awning incorporates a frame, mounted on guide tracks. A gas compression, spring system guide the awning over the pergola.

Features and benefits:

  • Extends up to 6 metres wide and projects 4 metres.
  • The awning cover area is not limited by the size of the structure on which the awning is mounted. 

  • The awning width can extend up to 1.5 metres wider than the pergola frame (each side) and up to 1 metre beyond the front of the structure, providing extended shade cover whilst maintaining unobstructed views. 

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